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PirateChain(ARRR) Net Buy Compensation & New Market Opening Time

2021-06-12 02:56:20Read:21080

The PirateChain is a privacy featured independent blockchain, with its unique transaction structures and features, which make it more difficult to do wallet integration and implementation. Initially, we completed the integration using Memo (payment id) deposit method. The ARRR was then listed after a successful listing vote, with airdrop rewards(worth about 15k USD at fair market price and 150K USD at opening price)distributed to 5034 users.

After the market opening, we found some users were depositing in a new method, resulting in delayed deposits. Due to a limited amount of liquid tokens and high demand in the ARRR markets at the opening time, the prices were much higher than other exchanges. Some users sold their airdrop rewards with significant profits, while some users bought at a high price and thus entering the market unfavorably. as more deposits being credited, it was quite predictable that the price would fluctuate drastically and early buyers might suffer a loss. To avoid such a situation, we paused ARRR markets and at the same time, we made a plan to buyback and subsidies the early net buyers who suffered a loss during Jun11, 8:00-8:30 UTC. Users who had any positive net-buy (sells minus buys) during this period can fill the form below to claim compensation. We will buyback your ARRR and compensate your losses.

Claim Buyback and compensation here :

When a new market open, the limited liquidity and high demand might drive the price much higher than fair price.Please refer to the stable global prices when trading and trade rationally. Don’t just ape in.

The ARRR Re-opening
The ARRR market reopen time: Jun 12th, 8:00 am UTC

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June 12, 2021

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