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    • Profession Information Blog Why is the perfect platform to consider web 3.0 tokens
    Industry Analysis

    Why is the perfect platform to consider web 3.0 tokens

    21 December 14:02

    Web 3.0 will be the next step in the evolution of the internet. This is the buzzword that is going around Silicon Valley, but what is the Web 3.0 and why is the perfect platform to consider web 3.0 tokens.

    What is web 3.0

    As we have seen from web 2.0, our personal data may be used for nefarious reasons as was the case with Cambridge Analytica in targeting swaying voter’s opinions during political elections. Or major data breaches of a website can lead to the complete data loss such as the 2018 Google data breach. Moreover Google did not even disclose its data breach until an article was published by the Wall Street Journal for fear of negative publicity. This is the disadvantages of the current web 2.0 as such data are controlled by corporations who may not have our best interest in mind.

    The objective of Web 3.0 aims to decentralize the internet, and give the control of data back into the hands of its users: whether it’s social media, your bank details or passwords, it will all be run on the blockchain instead. This would allow enhanced security such as breaches of the network does not mean your data being compromised, as on the blockchain each user data would be encrypted and includes a link to the previous transactions using a hashing method. Security is further strengthened by the fact that each node holds a copy of the ledger which have transactions previously performed on the network, therefore should a vested stakeholder purposefully try to manipulate the ledger: it would have to manipulate every copy of the ledger that the other nodes hold but even this is highly unlikely as the other nodes would have to be hacked at the same time.

    Web 3.0 tokens on has already listed the most popular web 3.0 tokens such as: DOT, KSM and HNT. But it also includes some of the lower cap tokens such as MIRROR, AUDIO, FLUX which have significant growth in the future. Each of these projects has been listed as potentials for the success of the web 3.0, with ensuring only the most transparent and integral projects are listed on

    Furthermore as of 2021, the most popular web 3.0 token have a total market capitalization of $15 bil, that is only 2% of BTC total market capitalization. Yet this was the size of the DeFi market just a year ago, therefore going into 2022 and beyond, we are certain that this market will continue to trend upwards with multiple new ventures and investments going into realizing the potentials of web 3.0

    What has done so far regarding web 3.0 tokens has previously recognized the potential of the web 3.0 industry hence its early listings of the most popular web 3.0 tokens, furthermore it has the full support of the parachain auction for DOT and KSM slot auctions including its vetted projects that use Polkadot and will provide zero trading fees for these projects such as MANTA, the privacy preservation on Polkadot. Other than Polkadot, Gate is also in collaboration with TRON regarding NFT projects on the TRC- 21 and BTFS network. It is also collaborating with APENFT and has already launched "KAWS" work "Untitled (KIMPSONS)". By working together with both major companies, hopes to provide even more benefits to its users whilst advancing decentralized technology.

    Why choose for web 3.0 is constantly researching other web 3.0 projects with potential, as shown from Gate Ventures recent $100 mil investment into many early stage projects ranging from web 3.0 to open finance infrastructure. “We believe it’s still the early days in the crypto and blockchain industries,” Marie Tatibouet, the exchange CMO, said. “Gate Ventures is an extension of the existing ecosystem, which aims to cultivate innovation in the market.”

    Gate Ventures will assist with financial resources and industry guidance to the ventures that it invests in order to ensure such projects can fulfill its unlimited potential, whilst offering support to ecosystems already established on As we enter 2022, will continue to ensure that new web 3.0 tokens with potential will be listed whilst choosing only the most transparent and vetted projects in order to ensure our users safety.

    Author: Observer: Alex N
    * This article represents only the views of the observers and does not constitute any investment suggestions.
    * reserves all rights to this article. Reposting of the article will be permitted provided is referenced. In all other cases, legal action will be taken due to copyright infringement.

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